What Are Horse Gaits?

There’s nothing quite like the rhythmic pace of a horse’s stride. From the clack of their hooves, to the swish of their thick manes against the wind, watching a horse in motion is always a sight to behold. With their superior anatomical and physiological traits and social skills, horses across history have aided humans in transportation, communication, and even entertainment and recreation.

So, when it comes to understanding one of humanity’s best friends, what is referred to when talking about horse gaits?

Natural vs. artificial horse gaits

When we watch that beautiful, dark Friesian horse prance around the stables, we are also observing their gait. A horse’s gait is the manner or sequence of movement it makes when travelling forward. Just as human beings possess different means of moving their bodies – from pacing and walking to running and sprinting – horses have their own standards of movement. Horse … Read the rest

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Pet Grooming: few professional tips

When it comes to grooming your pet, you must always remember that along with keeping your pet looking clean and fresh, this process also helps in protecting it from various types of infections. Although professional services of pet grooming in Dubai are the best for your little friends, but you probably won’t be able to afford them every day or every week. Moreover, you cannot leave your tiny buddy dirty and looking shabby. Therefore, it is always better to get some grooming essentials from a good pet store and groom your pet yourself.

This article provides a few professional grooming tips by the experts who provide the services of pet grooming in Dubai. Before starting to groom any of your pet, touch each of his body parts to note any swelling. Consult your vet immediately, if you do. Your pet may not find your touch comfortable in the beginning, but … Read the rest

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