Keeping Your Horse Healthy and Well-Groomed

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As any long-time horse owner can confirm, these animals require a substantial amount of grooming. Whereas dogs, cats and other house pets can get by with regular brushings and the occasional bath, horse grooming is on a whole other level. While it’s true that grooming a horse can eat up a great deal of time, consistent grooming is essential to the animal’s overall health. First-time horse owners on the hunt for practical grooming tips are sure to appreciate the following pointers.

Avoid Over-Shampooing

When bathing your horse, take care to use a shampoo that’s specially formulated for these animals. Using regular shampoo on a horse’s coat is practically guaranteed to lead to knotting and irritation. Furthermore, be mindful of how much shampoo you use while washing the animal. Even if it’s a moisturizing formula, an excessive amount of shampoo can dry out your horse’s skin and cause excessive itchiness and … Read the rest

Smart Tips For Finding Products

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Why the Right Harness Is Crucial for Any Pet Owner When someone chooses to bring a new pet into the family, it’s easy to see why they would want to do everything possible to make sure they’re keeping the animal happy. You’ll tend to find that your dog matters as much to you as your child, which is why you’ll be working hard to bring as much joy into its life as possible. In fact, new dog owners frequently get very concerned about whether or not they’re providing the right standard of living for their dogs. While people are often very focused on the sort of food their dog eats, they may spend less time considering the kinds of leashes or other walking clothes the dog will wear. However, you’ll discover that the kind of pressure that a typical dog harness will put on a dog’s neck will often make … Read the rest