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Different Tipping Methods in Cocktail Bars

If we are often interested to join our colleagues or friends inside a cocktail bar to socialize with them and have a good time, you must know some tips or etiquette that are important to implement or act inside a cocktail bar so that we will have a pleasant attitude. It is important for you to know the ways on how to tip waiters or waitresses inside a cocktail bar even the bartenders and this is very important and also included in the etiquette that you must learn in the bar.

When you had a good meal usually most people would think about 18 – 20% of the total cost of the meal given that no bad experiences have happened during their dining experience inside a certain restaurant and this will vary from city to city. One way to tip inside a cocktail bar is to give an amount of tip based on the amount or cost of the drink that a person has ordered for himself or herself and this would be the basis of the dipping inside the bar.

You can give a larger amount of tip to the staff inside a cocktail bar if you feel that you have experienced a great drinking experience aside from the taste of the cocktail drink and this can be also a factor of how you can tip inside the cocktail bar. Tipping in a form of cash is a good etiquette to follow or to do inside a cocktail bar because your tip can be used by the crew or staff inside the bar every time they go home at night and this can be a big help for them.
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If you want to have a happy drinking experience inside the pop billboard, you should be to give a generous amount of tip to the service or crew who are serving you well while you are drinking and this can be also called the Golden Rule. Controlling yourself while drinking inside the cocktail bar is a very good etiquette for you to follow and to always remember every time you go inside the bar so that there will be no chaos or problems and these kinds of things can be also prevented. You must always remember that when drinking inside the cocktail bar it is one way to socialize with your friends and to not get sober because this might be a problem if you are not yourself anymore and you cannot control it.
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Tipping the bartender for every drink that you order from him is very important so that first impression will last and the bartender will give you also a good service that you deserve for the tip that you’re giving him. You must be always generous in giving a certain amount of tip to the bartender especially when he or she has given you a free drink in the house so that the bartender will always remember you as a good customer. It is always better or good for you to give always a tip to them inside the cocktail bar to the bartender even if they give you a free drink and this is one good etiquette.