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Are there Benefits to Treasure Hunting?

There could be a number of reasons why you are thinking of going treasure hunting. You might have been brave enough to accept the challenge of finding gold bullion buried somewhere through a given lead. It could be just faring those fantasies you entertained as a child to explore the unexplored without having to tame high seas and meet all sorts of danger but simply because you love the idea of finding something which you alone can unearth. Today there are also treasure hunting activities in universities where those who join can go through the city and hunt for treasure with the possibility of finding gold nuggets or flakes and other stuff. If you had bought yourself a gold detector then that means, whatever your reason for joining a treasure hunt is, that you are resolved to find a treasure for yourself. But what many do not know is that despite failing to seize a treasure, you still have altogether been benefited with a more valuable treasure.

When after failing to find that valuable treasure that you have been pursuing which involves a lot of walking and sometimes even running during this activity, think how you have been burning unwanted calories that will keep your body healthy. Or while having been so focused to hunt those treasures, half the fun was embracing the journey as well. Since treasure hunting involves searching the grounds you become very familiar with the city or the woods, and it is also a great adventure to be going around these places. You can always find new and interesting things as you go along and it also help you with your sense of direction.

Another interesting commendation it that it trains you to sharpen your navigational skills without the help of our modern device like GPS. This is not to say that treasure hunting will improve your navigational skills but there are times when you cannot use devices like during calamities and disasters and like in treasure hunting you need to use the navigational techniques of old by looking at indications or marks and knowing compass directions by simply looking at the sun.
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In this activity you experience adrenaline rush especially if you find a clue or an indication that a treasure lies nearby. Even without your knowing it you heart beat increases which means your blood is travelling fast to parts of your body, your blood vessels become dilated, and you air passages are opened which means that you cells are getting a good amount of oxygen. This is produced by a gland that releases the adrenaline and it acts as a perfect stimulant.
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There are ever greater benefits that are more useful to you even if you did not find the golden treasure that you have sought for.