Jumping In Fields

The feeling of freedom and exhilaration while riding on a horse is like no other feeling for many people. In order for the horse to get different types of exercise, you can set up horse jump walls of all sizes and designs. There are a few creative ways that you can design a horse jump aside from the traditional ways that sometimes don’t offer the creativity that you’re looking for regarding your horse and yourself.

A simple horse jump is one that has two ends and rails in the center. The rails should be able to adjust so that your horse has various heights to jump over. You can use a garden trellis on each end with a design between them that looks like a flower garden. Combine your love of fruits and vegetables with the horse jumps that you make by painting the ends and the rails in a color that matches the fruit or vegetable design that is on the front of the jumping wall. An example would be watermelons with red and green rails or oranges with orange and yellow rails.

Another option would be to bring other animals into the jumping wall designs that you create. The ends of each wall can look like the head of the animal or the head and the tail with the center a bit lower to the ground but in a design that looks like the animal’s body. Jump walls can be designed in almost any way that you can think of, so try to get them as creative and as personalized as you can so that you can enjoy them in your field. Incorporate the colors that you like as well as the themes or designs, giving you the boost that you might need to want to get outdoors and ride your horse each day.