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How to Handle a Request for a Pet

Children will after some time ask to keep a pet. Should you be prepared for one, then you as a family shall be happy. However, if you are not, it shall be tricky turning them down. How best you explain your decision should settle the matter for now, and also help you prepare for a pet as time goes by.

Your negative answer must be accompanied by a reasonable explanation
Telling them off will not settle the matter but make you even more agitated as they will keep insisting. A good reason should quell the situation. Reminding them of prior family plans like a getaway or trip should help them accepting putting off the matter. There is a chance they may not let the matter rest but come up with more reasons. They are getting skilled in getting you to agree with their viewpoint. Brace yourself.

Present in great detail, the activities one undertakes in pet care.
There are children who believe caring for a pet is no different from caring for their stuffed animals. Demonstrating the amount of work and strain involved may make them give on up that pursuit entirely. Prepare a detailed list of what it entails, make them review each item on it and point out which they can comfortably perform, and you’ll notice the hard ones like collecting pet poop will put them off. The the idea of a pet will most likely be shelved.

Older kids should be able to handle the truth
For older kids, the truth as to why you cannot get them a pet, for now, will be easier to accept. If it is an issue of finances, they are more likely to understand better than if they were younger; similarly they could be about to join a school far from home and thus cannot care for a pet

Suggest engaging them in something else
Fill up the spare time the pet was to take with another interesting activity. Ease them into their future roles of pet owners by having them offer to take care of a neighbor’s pet, or working down at the pet shop or animal shelter. Busy neighbors may also need them to walk their dogs, for a fee. This money could go towards purchasing their own, after they have gained enough experience.

The the decision to get or not to get a pet for your kids is not a light one and as such, find out all that it entails and after careful deliberation, decide what to do. Taking care of a pet could be a wonderful experience for the kids. Your kids deserve understanding and a good explanation, whether or not they are getting a pet.