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Water Bodies Identification and Measurement Field Tools. Water bodies identification is an exercise of determining the water levels in an area and where the water level is high there will need measure the spread of the water body. Wetland delineation is conducted to meet legal requirement restricting occupation of people over water bodies. also some areas have seasonal water bodies meaning during dry seasons there is no visible water in the area. Therefore there may be restriction on constructing, making it necessary for real estate developers to examine the land for its acquisition. Some of the wetland delineation field equipment are. The researcher will need to have a wetland map. Maps give the researcher a history of the area and insight on where to initiate the process.
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In addition to the map, the researcher also will need GPS equipment. The purpose is to assist the researcher to know the area directions. Mud footwear. It is necessary to wear shoes that are appropriate for the field exercise. The mud footwear is designed to protect water and mud from coming into contact is the person’s feet.
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Spades and digging tools are also necessary. The process will require digging of several pits in the area to study the underground soil. Waterproof cameras. There may need to take pictures for the use in research. Most cameras are affected by water thus important to get a camera that is not. The exercise will take time, need of a camera with the capability of working for the long period required. Also, it is good to carry a normal designed camera for taking general field picture. The only requirement of this camera is able to take clear and precise pictures. Chart with different soil colors. Soil experts have developed a chart showing the different color characteristics of soils in different area thus helping the researcher match the area soil with notes on the chart. This usually involves digging the underneath soil and studying the characteristics with assistance of the soil chart. Tape measures. It is important to also find out the spread of the water body. The process goal is to estimate the area which will be considered to be a wetland. For this exercise, the researcher will require measurement tools. The researchers will come up with the water body boundaries. As this any research there is need to take notes. Hence the person going on field study should carry the necessary writing materials. These tools are for recording the items discovered in the field area. The determination of whether an area has a nearby water reserve should be conducted in regular year interval of maybe ten years apart. This is because some area with water reserves nearby may dry up due to hot climate condition while wet conditions may create new water reserves.