On Seatbelts: My Experience Explained

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Securing Your Dog with a Dog Seatbelt Back in the past, dogs stayed in backseats of cars with one backseat window open. Those family trips included stops from time to time to give them water and let them extend their legs. But just thinking of their safety alone, in the even of an accident, they were in clear danger of getting flung across the vehicle and getting seriously injured. Knowing as well that a dog rarely ever stays put for long, you can be distracted as the pet attempts to escape the backseat, thus causing you to lose your focus on your driving and raising the possibility that you will have an accident. The good news is, these days, we have dog seatbelts that ensure protection for your pet during transit. Surely, this is better than simply letting your dog run around freely in your backseat. It prevents you from being distracted while you drive, which automatically reduces the possibility of an accident. Of course, it will also keep your pet safe when you have to make a sudden stop. For majority of people, these dog seatbelts, which have the appearance of harnesses, look rather inhumane, and you could even fear your pet getting or too restrained. But no harm is done really, and even the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty says so.
Questions About Seatbelts You Must Know the Answers To
At first, your dog will probably feel uncomfortable, but he will surely get used to it over time. Start by taking him on quick drives and giving him a treat every time you put the seatbelt on him. This will make your pet view the seatbelt as something positive, and you will find it much easier to put it on him later on, whether or not you give him a reward.
Questions About Seatbelts You Must Know the Answers To
Then again, not all dog seatbelts are the same, and you need to check on quality before you buy one. The buckling parts must be made of metal, and not plastic. You should also know how much strength the seatbelt can manage. If you have a small dog, you have to buy a seatbelt with a weight of at least 450 pounds. Use your dog’s seatbelt each time you travel, even if it’s a short trip and even if your dog is struggling with it. Again, you just have to give him time to get accustomed to it, especially if you give him treats as he have mentioned earlier. And make it a point that your dog wears his seatbelt every single time he goes on a drive. Don’t fret – it will probably take just around three to five trips, and then your pooch will be all up for it. Besides, patience is part of being a responsible pet owner.