Pet friendly Hotel: the necessary services and the most absurd ones

Guests with four-legged companions on holiday have now become a real target to pay attention and special services. Some of these, let’s face it, are definitely “extremes”. On the other hand, you can get interesting tips to choose the best Pet friendly Hotel for your next holiday. We see some of the most strange and luxurious services offered around the world by Pet friendly hotels and what should never be missing in a hotel where to stay with our four-legged friends.

Many pet friendly hotels around the world have devised a dog-friendly program that provides a welcome set that includes a toy, snack, brush, daily toilet scent, non-allergenic labels, personalized label collars, a Pet-sitting service and toilet on request, in addition to the availability of a 24-hour veterinarian.

Among the most bizarre and sometimes excessive services, some luxury hotel have decided to call four-legged guests VIPs (Very Important Pets) and to offer a custom cake for their birthday, refined boutiques in the lobby and even true some wellness centers (“Pet Spa”) where your pet can get massages and drink antistress tea. The services don’t end here: these hotels are also equipped with miniature chaise lounges, lined with leopard fabrics and even a nail and hair service.

And if your dog or cat will only stay for a few hours or even for a few days, some hotels around the world have devised a much more elegant and comfortable service than the classic pet retirement. These are pet friendly hotels that exclusively host animals and offer their own suites with TV, double bed and fitness room.

According to the data provided by Federalberghi, Italy currently has almost 8000 pet friendly accommodation across the territory, mainly concentrated in the center-north. But how to understand if the hotel we chose for our next vacation is really pet friendly? Here are some useful tips for a thoughtless vacation:

  • Check if there are green areas around where Fido can go for the morning walk. This is especially important in art cities;
  • Services included: many pet friendly hotel offer true 4-legged services such as enclosed green spaces, dining opportunities with owners, outdoor showers when returning from the beach and training camps if you have sports dogs;
  • Rooms available for all your needs: if you have a big size dog, ask for bigger rooms and maybe have a small hanging area that you can decorate as if you were in the corner of your home, putting the mattress on your 4 feet and Some of his game;
  • A real pet friendly hotel is where the owners really love animals: before booking in a pet friendly hotel it might be useful to be honest about how to read on the web by directly calling the hotel for more information. This could help you to choose a hotel rather than another as it will allow you to understand if it really is a place where animals are loved unconditionally.