Exotic Animal Ownership Restrictions

Exotic PetsIn addition to dogs and cats, Avon Lake Animal Clinic offers veterinary care to unique/non-traditional species. Until lately, West Virginia also had no statewide laws, however after the 2003 monkeypox outbreak its legislature created an animal health control board to monitor the commerce in exotic pets. Despite occasional reports of untamed kangaroos attacking humans in Australia, Rush’s pets display not a touch of aggression. The danger of zoonotic illnesses (those that may be transmitted from animals to people) from unique animals is of particular importance due to the fact that they’re non-native. Just as the plaintiffs in Wright and New York City Friends of Ferrets challenged ferret bans, Gerald and Heidi Rhoades asserted that their metropolis’s ordinance prohibiting exotic pets, including their pet serval, caiman, and cougars, violated the equal safety clause.

Spurred by concerns about public health, public security, and animal welfare, lawmakers have begun to comprehend the dangers … Read the rest

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