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3 Qualities of a Good German Shepherd Breeder Throughout the years, German shepherds have been described as alert, watchful, courageous, curious, and obedient. It’s easy and effortless for German shepherds to match their owner’s level of activity, which is why they have become a popular choice for a lot of people wanting to become pet owners. As if that weren’t enough to convince you, the German shepherd breed also makes a great attack and guard dog, keeping their owner safe at all times. Of course, the first option when looking for a dog is adoption, but you can buy a good German shepherd pup from a breeder. Don’t know how to spot a good breeder? Read this list of qualities to find out. 1. Genuinely Cares for Their Litter – Puppy mills and other illegal breeding operations breed puppies to be able to make a profit. That’s why they don’t care if a buyer is fit to raise a puppy – as long as they’re spending good money, that’s all that matters. A good German shepherd breeder won’t just give up their puppies to anyone, making sure that the buyer is responsible and able to care for the little pup they’re trying to buy. That said, a good German shepherd breeder will first ask a buyer for documents that prove their identity, their source of income, as well as proof of their ability to properly care for a dog by conducting an interview. 2. Allows Tours of Their Kennel – If a German shepherd breeder is confident in their legitimacy, they shouldn’t be afraid to show you their kennel. This will give you the opportunity to find out more about the living conditions of the puppies as well as the general sanitation of the entire operation. An illegal breeder or puppy mill will deny any requests for a tour and will often conduct all transactions outside of their mill.
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3. Won’t Always Have Puppies – If a breeder tells you that they don’t have any puppies to sell right now, you should be sure to hold on to their contact details so you can reach them when they do have a new litter. This is because a good German shepherd breeder won’t just allow their dam to give birth whenever they want. Healthy puppies can only be achieved if the mother is healthy as well. To make sure the female German shepherds are healthy, good breeders refrain from allowing them to become pregnant too often, so you shouldn’t expect to get your hands on a puppy whenever you approach them. Illegal puppy mills will always have puppies to spare because they want to make a profit off of every person that approaches their facility.3 Animals Tips from Someone With Experience