The Dangers Of Keeping Exotic Pets” (2)

Exotic PetsThis paper examines state and native statutes and laws concerning non-public possession of captive wildlife, or exotic pets. Captive Feline Incidents , Animal Protection Institute, at (revised July 6, 2004); Captive Non-Human Primate Incidents , Animal Protection Institute, at (revised July 6, 2004); Captive Reptile Incidents , Animal Protection Institute, at (revised July 6, 2004); Incidents Involving Miscellaneous Captive Held Exotic Animals , Animal Protection Institute, at (revised July 6, 2004).

Applications for a license … together with both preliminary applications and renewals, shall … be denied when … the application is for a license to possess, preserve, propagate or cultivate animals as pets.” § 2.12(9)(a). Others are the results of captive breeding of untamed animals for the express objective of offering animals for the exotic pet trade. Some individuals search wild animals as pets as a technique to reconnect with the natural world. Additionally, since many unique pets stay in soiled and hectic circumstances, they are more likely to contract and transmit ailments like salmonella. Sherry Wilson Youngquist, Surry County OKs Ban On Exotic Pets , Winston-Salem Journal , Mar. But, since she works in Wisconsin, once in a while she encounters exotic, usually harmful animals being stored as pets.

Rough estimates discover that as many as 7,000 tigers are presently being saved as pets in U.S. backyards … that’s more than the number of tigers that exist in the wild ! As mentioned, Michigan explicitly bans wolf-canine hybrids, giant cats, and bears, though it doesn’t prohibit different unique pets. The Animal Protection Institute, an animal welfare group, catalogues assaults or escapes involving exotic pets.

Helping to facilitate the exotic pet commerce is the Animal Finders’ Guide, which carries adverts from sellers, personal parties, breeders, ranchers, and zoos providing massive cats, monkeys, and other unique animals for sale. Through public schooling and advocacy, The Wildcat Sanctuary strives to promote a optimistic notion of these animals as well as the knowledge to understand just how extensive the captivity crisis is and why these wild animals don’t make good pets.

Spurred by concerns about public health, public safety, and animal welfare, lawmakers have begun to understand the hazards posed by private possession of unique animals. The animals which were added to this license-exemption record embrace boas and pythons, skinks, parrots, hedgehogs, chinchillas, and flying squirrels, amongst others. You will have to find a personal breeder by means of the web or exotic animal magazines. Dealers and breeders argue some exotic animals dwell longer in captivity than they’d have in their native habitat.