Top 10 Exotic Pets

Exotic PetsFor this listing, we are going to solely be looking at weird, strange, uncommon, or unusual pets, but we will probably be drawing the road at livestock because those animals are a list for another day. See additionally Lee Bergquist, State Wants Vets To Inspect More Pets; Proposal Targets Animals Brought From Out Of State , Milwaukee Journal Sentinel (Wisconsin), Jan. The $35 that Rush costs to go to what she calls her Exotic Animal Experience helps defray the costs involved in retaining her pets. Despite the widespread false impression amongst many exotic pet fanatics, these wild animals can’t be domesticated and certainly cannot be cared for correctly by the average person. For more than forty three years, Jill Carnegie and Jim Tomasi have offered a home for unwanted, abused or injured unique animals of all kinds on their 10-acre sanctuary in rural Walworth County. Since courts recognize public well being and safety as reliable government interests, and since unique pet regulations are rationally related to securing the general public well being and security, house owners have lost all such equal protection challenges.

Since Paquette’s article was written, the Federal Government has passed what will be the most substantial federal safety of unique pets, the Captive Wildlife Safety Act, handed pursuant to the Congress’s power to manage interstate commerce. For an additional dialogue of those points, see Bridget M. Kuehn, Wildlife Pets Create Ethical, Practical Challenges for Veterinarians , Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association, obtainable at (July 15, 2004). Similarly, some human diseases could be harmful for sure animals (like strep throat ). The American Veterinary Medical Association, the U.S. Department of Agriculture, the National Animal Control Association, the American Zoo and Aquarium Association and the CDC all discourage the private ownership of certain exotic animals.

The average particular person lacks the expertise to supply correct vitamin, medical care, and husbandry to an exotic animal. If and when the person realizes he/she can now not look after an exotic pet, he/she usually turns to zoos and different establishments corresponding to sanctuaries to relieve him/her of the duty. Id Ultimately, the court docket held that the exotic pet ban was a respectable regulation pursuant to the native police energy to manage for the general welfare, and not a taking requiring just compensation. A few municipalities in Wisconsin, including Janesville, do ban some exotic animals. In Toledo, Ohio, the place some unique pets are prohibited, each day of violation constitutes a separate offense of first-degree misdemeanor, and offenders resist 6 months in prison, and $1,000 fine per offense. Both of those protections have been utilized in preventing unique pet regulations.

Founded in 1988, the International Exotic Animal Sanctuary (IEAS) is positioned in Texas and offers a safe and everlasting dwelling for quite a lot of huge cats and bears. Michigan bans acquisition and possession of wolf-dog hybrids and huge carnivores, although it grandfathered” animals already owned as pets at the time of the laws’ enactments.

Until just lately, West Virginia additionally had no statewide laws, but after the 2003 monkeypox outbreak its legislature created an animal well being control board to observe the commerce in exotic pets. Despite occasional stories of untamed kangaroos attacking people in Australia, Rush’s pets display not a touch of aggression. The danger of zoonotic ailments (these that can be transmitted from animals to people) from unique animals is of special importance due to the truth that they are non-native. Just because the plaintiffs in Wright and New York City Friends of Ferrets challenged ferret bans, Gerald and Heidi Rhoades asserted that their city’s ordinance prohibiting unique pets, including their pet serval, caiman, and cougars, violated the equal safety clause.