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How to Keep Your Dog Active

It is a dog’s nature to engage in many activities, especially playtime. They are constantly on the move unless they are sleeping or unwell. To ensure that your dog active, you must keep it healthy and jolly. You can achieve this by carrying out various tasks that touch on its well-being.

First, make it a habit of feeding your dog adequately. Just like human beings, dogs require food to keep their energy levels adequate. When dogs do not have enough energy, they do not do much activity to save the little that they have. They also feel uncomfortable when they are hungry and restrain their activity to avoid making their situation worse.

You must ensure that you give them foods that are suitable. Your dog’s food must contain all the necessary nutrients recommended for their proper development. Make sure that you know your dog’s diet types well to prevent distress like stomach upsets, allergic reactions, and so on.

Two, Make sure that your dog is physically fit. Make sure that it is not suffering from illnesses or injuries. Typically, dogs stay away and do the least when they are unwell to allow themselves to recover. Take your dog to a vet for routine check-ups to ensure that its health stays perfect. When it becomes unwell, get it medical attention promptly to minimize the time in which it stays uncomfortable and avoid compromising its health further.

One more important thing to concentrate on when it comes to your dog’s fitness and activity is its physical wellness, particularly its legs. A physically distressed dog usually does very little as it waits to recover. When working out your dog, ensure that the exercise activities you subject it to remain comfortable for it. Overworking your dog will make it want to stay rested and not engaged in other activities.

You must also take care of your dog’s paws to keep it moving. Get rid of all things that can harm its paws like broken glass, metal filing, and some types of grass seeds. Do not take your dog for walks when the sun is too hot because the sidewalks heat up and can burn your dog’s paws. Clean your dog’s paws well to get rid of bacteria that arises due to sweat and walking on unclean paths. Also, trim your dog’s toenails to prevent ingrowing toenails that could cause pain and infections.

Finally, stay in touch with your dog. Dogs are usually in touch with their emotions and respond to the various stimuli in their environment. When your dog feels neglected, it tends to keep a distance because you are not interested in spending time with it. When you stay interested in your dog and bring it close through playtime and other forms of interaction constantly, it stays eager for any opportunities to engage with you. Giving it items to play with on its own and treats like bones to chew on will also keep your dog busy.