Why you need to possess a Emotional Support Animal Letter always

Emotional support animal is just that, one that gives emotional support to its owners. There have been many studies that have proved that people with physical or mental disabilities will be able to cope better or live a normal life in the company of certain pets. That is when, doctors also prescribe emotional support animals to such persons in the hope that they will get joy, stability and happiness from these dogs. Those who wish to get emotional support animals first should get a emotional support animal letter. This letter is issued by either a social worker, psychologist or psychiatrist or a therapist whose care the person was for a period of time. Apply for an emotional support animal prescription today.

The benefits of emotional support animal letter

Air travel: There are many who find air travel quite difficult and for  those who suffer from any mental health or emotional problems, the difficulty must be double. Having their emotional support animal dog with them in such a time can not only make their air journey comfortable but also their stay in another place easy. With the emotional support animal letter, you can ensure that you can keep the animal with you in the course of the entire journey. This means you need not hand over it to the airplane staff to make it sit on some other area of the plane. Also, you will not be required to be seated in some place as asked by the staff, provided you are not carrying a large animal which might obstruct the space and cause inconvenience to others. Another benefit of emotional support animal prescription is that the airline would not charge you any extra money for travelling with an animal.

Housing clauses: Many landlords and buildings have this ‘no pet’ clause. But with a emotional support animal letter, you can get your support animal to stay with you and landlords cannot object. As per the Fair Housing Amendments Act, 1988, people who are prescribed or advised emotional support animals by healthcare providers, have to be allowed to stay even in those buildings or apartments that have a ‘no pet’ clause. All you have to do is present the emotional support letter to the landlord and they will have to allow you to live with your support animal. Also, he will not charge any extra money as pet deposit or as a fine for the animal to stay with you. You only have to show him the emotional support animal letter and not any of your personal medical files.

No eviction: Having a emotional support letter with you also means that you do not have to fear eviction notice by the authorities of the building where you stay or by your landlord. Many a times, the building may not have any ‘no pet’ rule and you are allowed to stay with your pet but then some residents object which may persuade the landlord to take objection of having an animal stay with you. In such a case, the emotional support letter can be a huge help.