Nicholas Bova Discusses His Company’s Recent Success

Veterinary compounding has really changed the game when it comes to providing medical care for pets. It allows veterinarians to custom-order medication for their patients in the dosages, flavors, and applications that are most appropriate for the individual animal’s unique needs. Nicholas Bova, the CEO of one of Australia’s premier pharmaceutical compounding companies, describes an incredible amount of positive feedback from veterinarians across Australia and beyond.

Timely Access to Urgent Treatments

The nearly 5,000 veterinarians across Australia who utilize the company’s invaluable services appreciate the fact that compounding gives them the opportunity to get the medications they urgently need. This includes medications that have been taken off the market due to the cost-ineffectiveness of mass-producing medications that are designed to treat particularly rare disorders. If veterinarians can benefit from the quick response times and production team at Bova Compounding, pets and their owners who receive the often life-saving products this company produces stand to gain even more.

Digital Transformation

There has been an increasing push toward digital transformation within the veterinary industry, and Bova Compounding is right at the forefront of these changes. Their online prescribing system is specifically designed to ensure that medications get where they need to go as fast as possible. It gives veterinarians access to 1,500 different products and allows them to set repeat orders and save their order histories for future reference, making it easier for them to order the medications their patients need faster and with less hassle.

Focus on Customer Service

The company’s CEO attributes Bova Compounding’s recent success in part to the company’s focus on customer service and direct communication. As an industry leader, the company has worked directly with the AVA in order to help establish best practice guidelines for veterinary compounding. The ability to tailor-create valuable medications that would otherwise be unavailable to the pets that need them, combined with their timely delivery and the company’s user-friendly online ordering system allows more veterinarians to easily take advantage of pharmaceutical compounding.

Benefits for Pet Owners

In addition to simplifying veterinarians’ lives and allowing them access to treatments that would otherwise be unavailable, veterinary compounding provides huge benefits to pets and their owners as well. Instead of wondering whether the animal’s care provider will really be able to offer the best and latest in pharmaceutical care, pet owners can rest easy knowing their animals are in good hands.