Pet Grooming: few professional tips

When it comes to grooming your pet, you must always remember that along with keeping your pet looking clean and fresh, this process also helps in protecting it from various types of infections. Although professional services of pet grooming in Dubai are the best for your little friends, but you probably won’t be able to afford them every day or every week. Moreover, you cannot leave your tiny buddy dirty and looking shabby. Therefore, it is always better to get some grooming essentials from a good pet store and groom your pet yourself.

This article provides a few professional grooming tips by the experts who provide the services of pet grooming in Dubai. Before starting to groom any of your pet, touch each of his body parts to note any swelling. Consult your vet immediately, if you do. Your pet may not find your touch comfortable in the beginning, but with repetition and praise he would learn positive association and will start enjoying the grooming process with you. Follow the tips below to let the procedure go comfortably.

Brushing and combing: if you are a pet owner, then you must always remember that brushing and combing your pet daily, or at least 3 to 4 times a week is necessarily, regardless of the type of coat he has. Brush his coat every time before you take it to bath. Brushing and combing removes dead hair and tangles, while distributing the natural skin oils all throughout. If your pet has a thick coat, ensure that you reach to the skin while combing, but remember to be patient and gentle.  Make use of a detangle to loosen any knots on the skin. Make use of an appropriate brush and comb that is specifically designed for the type of coat and fur of your pet.

Bathe him with warm water: a good professional groomer would always recommend bathing your pet with warm water in every season. Bathing your pet with chill cold-water during summers can leave him with a bad association to bathing in general. Support little pets in the bath tub while bathing him so that he doesn’t panic. Lather up the shampoo while giving your pet a full body massage. Make sure you keep your touch gentle. You can further use a conditioner and comb it throughout before finally rinsing. Again, make sure to buy a proper shampoo and conditioner appropriate for the pet breed.

Clip the nails:  carefully handle the nails by picking up each of the paws. Squeeze the nails as done for clipping to look for the quick (portion of the nail where the blood supply ends). Make sure that you do not clip into the quick as it is quite painful and lead to bleeding. You don’t have to rush and clip all the nails. Clip one nail on each paw every day and treat the pet with rewards after that so that he is more relaxed and willing the next time. Trimming the nails of your little friend will protect their feet from long nails that often break off and cause pain.

Brush his teeth: massaging the mouth of the animals is generally enjoyed by them. You must be patient and kind enough with your pet while massaging his gums and brushing his teeth.

Make sure to use an appropriate toothpaste that includes no harmful chemicals and a soft bristled toothbrush for brushing his teeth. A healthy mouth and fresh breath are the advantages that you will have for your pet. And you will also get to know about his oral health.

Clean his ears: check the ears of your pet periodically and clean away the debris. Gently massage his ears to provide him a good association with your touch. Consult your vet if you find the ears to be smelling bad or have certain soreness.

Make sure of using a pet ear cleaner for cleaning his ears. Dab a cotton ball in this ear cleaner and wipe the folds of the skin, starting near the head out to the ear flaps.

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