Think of Your Horse when Choosing Riding Equipment

People ride horses for a variety of reasons. For a select few, the reason may include riding for a living by trying to win the Triple Crown, beginning with the Kentucky Derby each spring. Even people who have little knowledge of horses will turn on the television to watch a major event such as this.

Others ride horses competitively, but on a smaller scale. There are even a number of colleges that have riding teams that compete against other schools just like they do in other sports. For most people, however riding is simply for pleasure. A ride through the woods on a mountain trail is viewed as a way to escape the pressures of the modern world. It is also an excellent way to enjoy scenic views and natural beauty.

Riding begins with choosing the right equipment. Much of this equipment is chosen based on the rider’s personal preferences. At other times, it may be chosen to fit in with the circumstances in which the riding will take place. For example, a different saddle is used for racing than for a leisurely ride through the fields.

When choosing riding equipment, there is one thing you should not forget about: the horse. While riders are concerned with their own comfort and the functionality of the equipment, the comfort and well-being of the horse should be an important factor as well. You do not want your saddle to cause sore places on the horse after a day of riding, for example.

Companies like English Habit can help you choose the right supplemental equipment for the comfort of the animal, as well as the rider. They can supply items like English saddle pads that will fit discreetly under the saddle. That way, they will not hinder the appearance, but they will go a long way in making the horse feel better at the end of the day.

You could also add things like ear nets to your horse’s apparel in order to protect the ears from insects such as flies. Blankets are important if the horse’s hair has been clipped. This is because the animal no longer has the natural protection of a long coat in cooler weather.

Regardless of your reason for riding, you will want to take sure of your horses. Just like other pets, they can become part of the family and deserve the best care you can give them.