Why Does My Dog Sleep by the Door?

Dogs are fun and loving creatures, but at the same time they can display some behavior that may seem odd to you. You might have often seen your pet sleeping or sitting by the door. Well, there are some reasons for this strange behavior.

Waiting for You

Dogs have a strong emotional attachment with their owners. Some of them would try to follow you everywhere, even in the bathroom as well.

If your dog sleeps by the door, it might mean that your pet eagerly waits for you to come home from work. Once you arrive, you might have noticed dogs constantly wagging their tails in excitement and happiness. Many dogs also jump on their owners and lick their faces as if they were separated for years.

You can use a dog door to let your canine buddy know that you are nowhere near the house.

Dogs have Good Ears and Noses

Dogs have a heightened sense of hearing which means they can hear the sound of movements from quite a distance. Moreover, their sense of smell is also amazing which lets them pick up a scent from a few yards.

A dog that rests by the door does not necessarily mean that it was there all the time. Your doggy might have sniffed your smell and could have walked to the door to greet you on the front entrance.

To confirm the above theory, you can install a dog door. If your canine friend is lying out when you arrive, chances are that it was waiting for you the entire day. On the other hand, when you approach the door and your doggy uses the dog door to come out, then it could have just been relaxing in its soft cozy spot.

Your Dog Needs Some Activity

Dogs are energetic animals and they like to get involved in different types of activities such as bringing a thrown ball.

By relaxing at the door, your playful companion might be giving you a hint to let it go outside and play. Dogs get bored and it is a good practice to have a nice time with these friendly creatures. Take your dog out and play “fetch the ball” with it.

Doggies love exploring and sniffing around for new smells. Let your pet inspect your garden and other areas in your neighborhood.

Using a Dog Door for Convenience

It is recommended that you install a dog door in your house. This will ease the movement of your dog in and out of the house. Although, you would have to teach your doggy to use the newly installed door flap, it would reduce your effort to open the door for your pet.

Moreover, a dog door is quite convenient for hyperactive animals that like to go out of the house frequently. If your canine friend is scratching or resting by the door, it is better to let it out.