6 Ways Technology Is Transforming Pet Care

6 ways technology is transforming pet care

Gone are the days when people used to consider their pets as domestic animals or helpers. In the present day and age, more than a status symbol, pets are treated as companions and sometimes as family members too. You love them and take care of them as you would do for your family. For that reason, an increasing number of people are investing in the Best Pet Insurance Australia to ensure that they provide the best quality medical assistance and care to their pets. While insurance companies are contributing to medical care, technology is making everyday life easier. There is a remarkable transformation in personal technology and pet care is no different. Understanding the busy lifestyle, many pet care products have been introduced in the market. These products allow you to monitor your pet even when you are at work and keep it safe and comfortable at home. Here are some ways technology has impacted the pet care industry.

  • Tracking devices

One of the most common and effective ways of tracking your lost pet is micro-chipping. Insertion of a microchip is a painless and simple procedure that takes only a few minutes. Once done, it can last for a lifetime. If anyone finds your lost pet, he/she can check the microchip to find the place it belonged to. This has made reuniting you with your pet much easier. Most pet parents consider these devices just like they use tracking for their children to keep them safe.

  • Automatic feeders

One of the biggest concerns about your pet, when you are away, is regarding its food. You have to find someone who can serve your pet on time and in the right portions. Automatic feeders are connected to your phones through applications. These can feed your pet with the right portions on timers and can treat them with scents through dispensers. You can monitor all this with your phone and voice interactions.

  • Automatic water dispensers

Along with food, water is also an essential component of a balanced diet of your pet. It is vital to keep it hydrated and also necessary for digestion. A dog, in general, should intake one-ounce water per pound of weight to maintain good health. This is where automated water dispenser helps you. These can provide oxygen aerated water in the form of a free-flowing stream.

  • Electronic toys

Playing keeps your pet physically energetic, mentally active, and boosts mood. However, owing to your demanding lifestyle, you may not get enough time to spend playing with your pet. Why let your little furry friend suffer because of your hectic schedule. Electronic toys are smart tools that can shoot laser light for your cat to chase to throw a ball for your dog and keep them active and occupied.

  • Helps for habitat

You can find devices that would assist you in maintaining proper hygiene with your pets. Self-cleaning boxes can scoop your kitty for you. You can also find cool beds that are powered with technology to provide excellent, long-lasting comfort.

  • Veterinary care

You can use exercise trackers for your pets as you use for yourself. These wearable trackers monitor health parameters and provide you constant updates on your pet’s health. Also, developments in the field of testing and surgery have made the diagnosis and treatment of your pet more accurate, faster, and effective.

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