Tourism Industry UK: Travel Merchant Processing

Tourism Industry UK: Travel Merchant Processing

Since 2010, tourism represented the most rapidly growing sector in the UK when in employment terms. The tourism industry in Britain is anticipated to make up more than £257 billion by 2025. This article will reveal more about the travel industry in the UK and help you with a secure and cheap travel merchant account. 

Tourism Sector in the UK: Travel Merchant Processing

According to Deloitte, the travel industry is expected to grow at an annual rate of 3.8% by 2025. The tourism industry in Britain will account for more than £257 billion by 2025, just under 10% of UK GDP. This will mean about 3.8 million jobs, meaning nearly 11% of the total UK number.

The value of inbound tourism is anticipated to reach from over £21bn in 2013 to £57bn by 2025. The UK will see an international tourism payments balance surge in 2023.

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