Why Dogs Add So Much to Your Life

Why Dogs Add So Much to Your Life

If you’re pondering the idea of getting a puppy, you’re probably weighing the responsibility against the benefits that a dog will bring to your life. While dogs do require significant care, the years of companionship and love are well worth it. Here are four reminders of exactly what dogs can add to your life.

Accompany the ElderlyMany; elderly people end up living alone and suffer from loneliness. Some seniors are only able to get out a couple times a week. Having a small dog, such as silkshire puppies Pensacola FL, can be wonderful company. They love to be near people and make perfect lap dogs. Plus, walking them is terrific exercise.

Dogs Keep You Safe; For protection, there’s nothing as effective as a dog. Whether it’s large or small, a barking dog is a great deterrent to crime. Dogs sense things before people, so you’ll know if someone is approaching the house. Dogs will always be that true friend that protects you.

They Give Unconditional Love; A dog is the best source of unconditional love you could ever find. It doesn’t matter if you’re grumpy, or have had a bad day, they’ll love you the same. As a matter of fact, they’re likely to improve your mood. A dog is always happy to see you and asks for very little in return.

Puppies Are Good For Kids; Many people debate on getting a puppy for a child. The answer is, yes! Not only will a dog be a loyal friend, kids will learn responsibility. However, you must work with your child. Don’t expect them to know how to care for a puppy. Just as the pup needs to be trained, a child needs to be taught to take care of the dog.

They Make a Difference; Getting a dog can add so much happiness to the life of an elderly person, a child and even your own. Despite the care they need, they will pay you back with protection, company and the unconditional love that everyone craves.

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