Which Equine Insurance Policy is Right for You?

Which Equine Insurance Policy is Right for You?

As far as pets go, horses can be some of the most expensive to own. You’ll need shelter in the form of a stable or barn, in addition to grooming tools, feed, and preventative care for specific illnesses or injuries. For example, using a fly spray in the hotter months can help prevent flies from laying eggs on horses or biting them.

One of the most significant expenses in a horse owner’s life is the cost of healthcare for their horse. Emergency situations suddenly arise that will need immediate or extensive care, such as a stumble in the paddock or bite by a wild animal. To help with the costs, many horse owners will invest in health insurance for their horses.

There are several different types of coverage you can choose from, including equine liability insurance, surgical insurance, and, of course, medical insurance.

Liability Insurance

Liability insurance protects you … Read the rest