Unexpected Centerpieces

Unexpected Centerpieces

Fresh flowers are beautiful yet expensive. They can’t be stored for long, so the majority of them end up in the trash after the party. For your next big event whether it be a bar mitzvah luncheon, baby shower or wedding reception, think outside the box for table centerpieces.


From ostrich to peacock to pheasant feathers, aviary plumes make colorful exotic centerpieces. One idea is to use a bouquet holder to make a feather bouquet. Place the handle inside a narrow vase. Drape the base of the vase with a small battery-operated light string. Tall fluffy feathers work best for this type of display as they form an umbrella shape up and over the sides of the vase. Another option is to place a handful of colorful feathers of different heights under a glass bell jar. Secure the ends in a floral frog wrapped in lace or burlap ribbon.


To make a fruit centerpiece, choose fruits with skin that you don’t eat. Citrus works best. Using a cake platform or slab of wood, create a base of fruit and simple greenery. Hot glue the elements together. Then, build your pyramid up slowly from the base interspersing leaves. The glue will hold the fruit together without damaging the inside. Stick with a single fruit or mix oranges, lemons and limes.


If you’re a reader, book centerpieces may be the way to go. There are so many different directions you can take with this idea. For example, if the event is a bridal shower, consider buying romance books by the bagful. They can be tied in stacks with satin ribbon. When the event is over, they can be donated to Goodwill or other charity. If books for children were collected for a mitzvah project, these very books can form the luncheon centerpieces. A stack of out-of-date hardback books creates a vintage feel and can even be spray painted to match your color scheme.

There are many unexpected materials that make for gorgeous table decorations. If fresh flowers aren’t in your budget, it may be time to think creatively.

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