Preparing Your Barn for a Benefit Show

Preparing Your Barn for a Benefit Show

Hosting a benefit horse show is a great way to raise money for animal-related causes. If you are unfamiliar with event planning, however, ti can quickly become overwhelming. Tackling the planning process in a straightforward and methodical way will help you keep things under control and guarantee that your event is a success.

Take the Time To Clean Things Up

Before you get started with anything else, schedule a couple of barn workdays. Ask friends, family members and your regular riders to pitch in an help. Clean out the barn, arenas, and any turnout areas. Make sure your parking lots are scraped and free from hazards. This will give you a good idea of what you need to work on before the big day.

Invest in New Equipment

If you find that some of your equipment is broken, or if you are short on supplies, now is the time to look for new gear. Buy a few colorful horse jumps and custom signs to dress up the show ring. Investing in clean up supplies like muck rakes and buckets will make keeping up with a large number of horses easier.

Recruit Sponsors From the Community

To make the most of a benefit event, you will want to recruit sponsors to help cover costs. Talk to local and regional businesses that serve the equestrian community. Pet stores, tack shops and veterinarian offices are good places to start.

Let People Know About Your Event

While you are recruiting sponsors, ask about posting flyers for the show. you will want to attract as many riders as possible to increase the amount raised. Local newspapers, radio stations and news shows will often provide press coverage for charity events. You might even get one to come out and cover the event live for added attention.

Careful planning will help you have a successful event. Start with cleaning up the property, then secure any extra equipment you need. Be sure to actively spread the word throughout the local equestrian community to ensure a good turnout of riders and spectators.