5 Exciting Trends in Dentistry to Look Out For

5 Exciting Trends in Dentistry to Look Out For

Technological advances are raising the bar for care across medical specialties. Dentistry is no exception. These exciting new trends will help improve patient care and comfort while also reducing the time needed to perform routine procedures.

1. 3-D Printing

Same-day dentistry is a growing trend thanks to advances in printing technology. Three-dimensional printers enable faster care so people get the prostheses and equipment they need, including crowns, veneers, and aligners without having to wait weeks for them to come back form a lab.

2. Digital Impressions

Goey and uncomfortable molds used for impressions are becoming a thing of the past in many dental practices. Doctors can now make customized and highly accurate molds using digital scans. They increase accuracy while improving the patient experience. A leading journal of clinical dentistry reports this is an excellent tool for developing surgical models in complex cases.

3. Robotic Dentists

While traditional dentists are not about to be supplanted with an army of robotic ones, there is a future for robot dentists in the field. They have been embraced by leading dental schools as a way to improve care and address a shortage of qualified doctors.

4. Teledentistry

Using live video feeds, digital imaging and remote monitoring of patients, dentists are able to provide basic services through teledentistry. This is not a replacement for routine cleanings and exams, but it can be incredibly helpful in emergency situations or to monitor post-treatment progress.

5. Laser Dentistry

Lasers minimize the need for sutures and anesthesia, which greatly improve patient comfort and recovery times. They also serve as effective sterilization tools so there is a lower risk of infection or cross-contamination of equipment. A few of the procedures where lasers are being used effectively include gum shaping, preparing tooth surfaces for fillings, removing decay and tooth whitening.

From digital surgical models to robot dentists, the dentists’ office is embracing technology. These trends make treatment safer, quicker and more accessible.

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